• landscape and sustainable development

Water - Contribution to Sustainable Supply and Use

Ancient Greek philosophers already considered water as a precondition of life. Throughout the ages and in all cultures water was allocated a divine character. Meanwhile the subjects “water pollution” and “water scarcity” are regularly present in the media and governmental and non-governmental institutions urgently point out the growing threats for water quantity and quality. The present issue of the series “Landscape and Sustainable Development” concentrates on water use for rural areas and tries to contribute to a more sustainable use and reflection of this vital resource.


H. Weingartner:
Qanats – a Circum Mediterranean Perspective
Page 1
M. Vavelidis, A. Giouri, K. Voudouris & M. Vaxevanopoulos:
Regional Geology and its Impact on Water Supply in the
Pangeon and Menikion Mountains (Northern Greece)

Page 15
S. Raschke, & O. Blumenstein:
Spatiotemporal Aspects of the Water Balance
of Two Qanats in Eastern Macedonia (Greece)

Page 31
K. Garz, & O. Blumenstein:
Geological and Human Impacts on Water Quality
of the Qanats in Nea Zichni and Angista (Macedonia, Greece)
Page 45
K. Schittek, M. Forbriger, F. Schäbitz, & B. Eitel:
Cushion Peatlands - Fragile Water Resources
in the High Andes of Southern Peru
Page 63
R. Mohn, A. A. Mohammed, J. Gardemann, W. Mathys, D. Nedaw,
B. Kruse & C. Herbst:
Subsurface Micro-Reservoirs for Rural
Water Supply in the Ethiopian Highlands.
TAWI – Tigray and Afar Water Initiative, Ethiopia
Page 85
A. Lummerich & K. Tiedemann:
Seeing is Believing
The Motivating Effect of a Fog Project as Fresh Water Source
Page 101
M. Marbach & O. Georgi:
Development and Construction of a Self-sufficient
Working Device for Recording, Controlling and Regulating
of the Resource “Qanat Water”

Page 113
G. N. Tolmbok:
Notes on Karez in the Province of Xinjiang (China)
Page 117

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